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WildCare:  Alison Hermance       March 2018
A wonderful illustrated program of how WildCare tends wounded wildlife 
and educates the public about animals.

Kayleen Asbo:  Klimt and Beethoven  January 2018
Another brilliant multi-media performance by Dr. Asbo, on the
relationship of the two artists and the meaning of the Ninth Sympony.

Prof. Erik Rosegard:  Nature, Play and Aging   July 2017
Dr. Rosegard persuasively and engaging showed the benefits of being 
outside and exercising, including some lively participatory games.

Kayleen Asbo and Jason    :  Celebrate Beethoven    March 2017

A captivating and educational concert-slideshow-lecture illustrating
the connections between Beethoven's life and music.  

Alan Saltzman:  A Year of Cases at the Supreme Court     October, 2016
Prof. Alan Saltzman presented several sessions covering the criminal law
cases this year before the Supreme Court, decisions large and small.
Maria Chertok:  The You We See and the You We Don't  October 7, 2016
The creative Maria Chertok led a thoughtful interactive workshop on memory,
writing and storytelling.
Celebrate Owls   August 26, 2016
Poet CB Follett read her owl poems to accompany a talk by the
Hungry Owl Program volunteers about protecting these engaging
birds, along with a visit from a delightful  live (rescue)screech owl.
Behind the Headlines:  The Supreme Court   April 12, 2016
Prof. Alan Saltzman gave a lively and informative look at the history
of the Supreme Court, significant current cases, and the impact that the death
of Justice Scalia will have on their outcome.
Happy Birthday Mozart!   January 29, 2016
The talented scholar and performer Dr. Kayleen Asbo presented a 
wonderful slideshow/lecture/recital illuminating Mozart's unusual
life and genius.  The packed house could not have been more
enthusiastic.   It was an honor for us to have this internationally 
renowned star join us.
Homestead Valley History:  November 6, 2015
Homestead Valley historian Chuck Oldenburg gave an entertaining talk
about "rural" Homestead vs. "urban" Mill Valley.
Potluck Picnic in the Grove:  October 25,2015
Homestead residents enjoyed a family outing in our beautiful redwood grove.
What is Hospice Care?  September 11, 2015
Randy Reitzes of Hospice By the Bay gave an informative talk
about many aspects of hospice care at HVCC.  
Reception for Senior Art Show: August 9, 2015 
Sixteen talented senior residents of Homestead Valley are displaying
their varied art works through October in the Homestead Valley Community
Brain Fitness:    February 13, 2015
Dr. Brian Vella, former director of the Neuropsychology Service at Kaiser
San Francisco gave an entertaining and highly informative talk about what
happens to the brain as we age.   His power point slides illustrated everything
from brain cells to pathologies, along with the latest research on preventing
and predicting diminished capacity.   He ended with scientifically solid advice
on what we need to do to keep our own brains at highest level:   exercise,
read, use words, eat Mediterranean diet, get enough sleep, and reduce stress.    
Memoir Writing Class:   September 2014
Artist and journalist Abby Wasserman led 8 Village members in three
sessions during September.  Participants were deeply engaged and
enthusiastic, and appreciative of the skill with which Abby elicited memories
and the ability to put them into words.   Many are following up with more 
writing and perhaps even a book.
"Duet: A Conversation of Words and Images":  September 5, 2014
Photographer Ginna Fleming and Marin Poet Laureate 'Lyn Follett gave a
slideshow/reading based on their new book, a beautiful pairing of images
and poems.  About 30 people attended and enjoyed the throught-provoking
program and the warm sociability on a lovely afternoon. 
HVCC Music Festival August 31 2014
Village steering committee members had a good time dispensing iced coffee and 
information about the Village on a hot summer afternoon at the Homestead Valley
Community Center, during the annual music festival - fun, food, games and music.

Katy Butler, August 7 2014
In the national best seller  "Knocking on Heaven's door" award-winning journalist
Katy Butler ponders her parents' desires for "Good Deaths" and the forces within medicine
that stood in the way.   In a moving presentation based on this book, she shared her
experience, her research, and her compelling story of how medical technology now so
often overtakes our humanity in life's final chapter.  The evening prompted much discussion;  
we hope to create a forum for expanding and deepening our ability to gain our own medical autonomy as we age.
Reed Street Neighborhood Gathering, July 20, 2014
Liv Asbo's beautiful garden was filled with neighbors, long time residents and newly settled
young families on a lovely summer Sunday to enjoy cold drinks and food provided by HV
members and volunteers.   Christina Oldenburg gathered the group for a few minutes to explain
the Homestead Village concept and encourage participation.  Visitors lingered most of the afternoon, getting to know each other and enjoy the party. 
July 4th Celebration at Stolte Grove
Once more the Homestead Village information table at our neighborhood parade and picnic
was the focus of conversation and information among Homestead's older generation -
and younger families thinking about their parents and their own futures.  
Garden Party, May 16 2014
On a sunny Friday afternoon our Village celebrated the newly renovated Community
Center with a spring Garden Party.  Many who came enjoyed making their own "dish
gardens" with succulents donated by neighbors Penny Alexandris, Sandy Waks and Jane
Scurich, as well as Sloat's Garden Center and the Marin Master Gardeners.  Marilyn
Tregoning and Liv Asbo organized a feast of cookies, fruit and cold drinks, and Burnett
Tregoning handed out a number of plant Door Prizes.  The best part of the afternoon was
as always the chance to socialize with old and new friends.

Volunteer Day in Mill Valley
Our community celebrated many volunteer organizations on a sunny afternoon on Depot Plaza on April 5, 2014.   Homestead Village and Mill Valley Village had neighboring tables, sharing information about our programs with lots of visitors.

Homestead Valley Community Center reopens
March 8, 2014, marked the gala party celebrating the reopening of the
newly renovated Center, its foundation strengthened and the meeting
spaces beautifully expanded.  Homestead Village members manned a
table of information, and made their usual delicious contributions to the potluck.

Alaska slideshow at an informal Mill Valley lunch
On November 5th, Homestead Village joined the Mill Valley Village lunch meeting at the Sweetwater, featuring pictures of Alaska by Ginna Fleming rolling on two large computer screens, as Ginna and others answered questions about their travels and the joys of our northernmost state..

Stolte Grove Pot Luck Picnic
On a beautiful fall day, October 6, Homestead Village welcomed members and neighbors to decorated picnic tables in our own redwood grove with the usual delicious food.  In addition to spreading the word about the Village at Jerry's information table, old and new friends had a festive social afternoon.  

July 10, 2013, 07:42 PM

Homestead Village at July Fourth Celebration

Jerry Freedman, Lynn Hutchinson and Ginna Fleming created a well decorated table at the Homestead Valley July Fourth celebration at Stolte Grove.   Many neighbors learned more about Marin Village, and took away information about benefits and upcoming events.

Steering Committee member Penny Alexandris contributed her delicious homemade pies to the bakery table.

Suz Lipman connects grandparents and grandchildren

Homestead Valley's Susan Sachs Lipman is the author of Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World,   -  a guide to helping busy parents reconnect with their families and their passions through fun activities in nature and at home.   She presented in May to a group of Homestead and Mill Valley Villagers on how grandparents can connect with their plugged-in and distracted grandchildren.  This interactive event was enjoyed by all!

Fed Up with Frenzy was named a 2012 Top 10 Parenting Trend by TIME magazine. Her work has appeared in the New York Times Motherlode blog, the Christian Science Monitor's Modern Parenthood blog, the National Wildlife Federation's Be Out There blog, and her own blog, SlowFamily Online Suz is the Social Media Director for the Children & Nature Network, which encourages and supports people and organizations working around the world to reconnect children with nature.

A longtime Girl Scout leader, Suz also enjoys gardening, hiking, community volunteering, reading, soap crafting and food canning. She lives with her husband and daughter in Homestead Valley.

Homestead Valley Community Center Renovation

After three years of planning, an exciting remodel of our Homestead Valley Community Center began in April, 2013.   The ten month project will bring many improvements in the usefulness and safety of this historic building, and the landscape around it.   

Our Homestead Village meetings and events will temporarily take place in other locations, but we look forward to a wonderful new space when we return.

Recent Homestead Village Events

Suz Lipman Connects Grandparents and Grandchildren

The author of "Fed Up with Frenzy" presented a wealth of ideas to Homestead and Mill Valley Villagers about how to connect with young people in this digital and wired age.   The interactive program was greatly enjoyed by all!

A Photographer's Journeys in Afghanistan and Around the World Homestead Valley Community Center
February 22, 2013

A large audience enjoyed the slideshow of photographs by Homestead Valley photographer Ginna Fleming.  Her beautiful images reveal the lives of women and children around the world, and document the work of organizations improving health and education.


The Bohemian History of Druid Heights
Homestead Valley Community Center
November 3, 2012, 4 to 6 pm. 

This popular program on a fascinating piece of local history was a total sell out when first presented.  This was a repeat, with new details added!  
This former enclave of well known writers, poets and artists of the postwar counterculture on the border of Homestead Valley continues to interest our community.