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Upcoming Events


Rainbow Village

Steering Committee:

• Will Boemer

John Edwards

Karen Glikman

 • Meri Hayos

• Ann Lewis

If you are interested in learning more about Rainbow Village, please feel free to contact one of the steering committee members or call our office at 415-457-4633.




Q: Why have a Rainbow Village when there are geographically based Villages where I live?

A: Rainbow Village was created to serve the needs of LGBT Seniors in Marin County and to help prevent seniors from going “back into the closet” as they age.  The intent is not to replace the other Villages in Marin, but to provide an alternative for those who would be more comfortable obtaining services from and socializing with people who have specifically volunteered to support this community.



Q: What is the difference between “member” and “volunteer?”

A: A member pays modest monthly dues and receives services from our generous volunteers.  Volunteers are local community members willing to provide services to members at no charge.



Q: Do I have to be LGBT identified to be a member or volunteer of Rainbow Village?

A: There are no requirements for joining Rainbow Village as member, volunteer or both, other than supportive acceptance of others regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.  While not a requirement, a friendly smile is always appreciated and will be returned in kind.



Q: Are volunteers paid? Required to be tipped by members?

A: No. Volunteers willingly provide their services at no charge.  Tipping is not permitted.



Q: Are member dues tax deductible?

A: Generally no, since services are being received in return for member dues paid.  

Donations, however, are fully tax deductible and always welcome.  Marin Villages is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Consult a tax professional for specific guidance.



Q: Is there any financial aid for membership?

A: Marin Villages offers reduced membership fees for those in need.  

Contact the Marin Villages office at 415-457-4633 for specific information on aid for membership fees.



Q: Can I be both a member and a volunteer?

A: Yes; and you will be doubly appreciated for it!



Q: Can volunteers participate in the social activities of Rainbow Village?

A: Yes!  Social activities are open to all who are interested -- the more the merrier!



Q: Is housing available through Marin Villages?

A: No. The Village movement is all about helping seniors stay in their current housing with added independence, dignity and peace of mind.



Q: It’s a wonderful concept but I don’t “need” any Marin Village services yet.

A: Great! Why not consider volunteering?  There’s no minimum time commitment and nothing is “assigned”; you choose the volunteer tasks that interest you.  We are “neighbors helping neighbors” and everybody has something to offer!  And, while doing so, you’ll meet new people, get out and have some fun and start “paying it forward” for when you do “need” services.



Q: Which are correct web and e-mail addresses: @marinvillage or @marinvillages (with the “s”)?

A: Either one or both will work and get you to the correct place. The “s” is up to you!



Q: What if I already belong to one of the other Villages in Marin? Why should I join Rainbow Village? Should I switch?

A: Which Village(s) you participate in is up to you. If you are already a volunteer or member for another Village in Marin and you would prefer your primary connection be through Rainbow Village, you have the option of changing your affiliation to that of Rainbow Village.  Which Village(s) you participate in is up to you.  Certainly you can volunteer for both and are welcome to attend any Villages' events and activities!  In all cases, you are a member and/or volunteer of Marin Villages.



Q: Can I make a donation? Can donations be directed only for use by Rainbow Village?  Are donations tax deductible?

A: Yes, all donations are appreciated!  Donations should be made through the Marin Villages’ office or website. Donations can be directed for exclusive use by Rainbow

Village and will be maintained separately.  Marin Villages is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are fully tax deductible.  Consult a tax professional for specific guidance.



Q: How can I share an idea, propose an activity or make suggestions for or about Rainbow Village?  I have a question not answered here.

A: We appreciate the enthusiasm!  You can reach out to a Rainbow Village Steering

Committee member personally; contact us by email at: or contact the Marin Villages office at 415-457-4633 and ask to be put in touch with a Rainbow Village Steering Committee member.