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About Rainbow Village and the Village Movement

The Village Movement started over 15 years ago in Boston when a group of seniors, intent on staying in their own homes, decided to create a community-based organization to meet their needs. The concept was simple, but powerful: members and volunteers working together to help seniors age in their own homes with independence, dignity and peace of mind. And the concept caught on. There are now over 200 active Villages in the U.S. with another 170 in development.

In Marin County, Marin Villages acts as a centralized organization with local villages operating in various parts of the County. The Rainbow Village is the seventh Village under Marin Villages' umbrella, and the only village focused exclusively on the LGBT community throughout the County. Once you become a member, asking for help is simple - just a call to our parent organization, Marin Villages, and they will work to fulfill your request.


Join the Volunteer Team

Volunteerism is the cornerstone of the Village Model. The LGBT community has an exceptionally strong tradition of community engagement and Rainbow Village seeks to leverage and expand upon this generosity of spirit. We are part of a community that has always believed in paying it forward.

Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Volunteers may also participate in Rainbow Village social activities.  There are no fixed volunteer hours or minimum time commitments. 
Volunteer opportunities include:

  • drive members to appointments
  • check-in phone calls and walks
  • help with simple household maintenance
  • walk a member’s dog
  • pick up mail
  • serve on committees

More information on volunteering is available here:  Volunteer


Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Maintain your independence; live on your own terms, in your own home
  • Connect with your community
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Pursue interests old and new
  • Get transportation to appointments, shopping or events
  • Obtain help with computers, printers or other devices
  • Volunteers can assist with minor household tasks and upkeep
  • Get access to referrals of vetted service providers

More information on becoming a member is available here:  How to Join