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Our TWIN CITIES VILLAGE is up and running. We need YOUR input to keep up the momentum of this terrific program.  Your part in making the Twin Cities Village a success and part of your everyday life is to tell us what you want to do as a Village member. What activities: hiking, walking, birding, working on your memoirs, discussion groups, trading recipes, book clubs, tech talks, etc., etc. interest you and would like to be part of TCV? Are you interested in leading any of these groups? Do you have other ideas to add?


Supporting all the local Marin Villages is the Marin Villages central office. They handle Village member requests and billing. They will also provide TCV with data on who requested what and how often, so we at the TVC will know what is going on with our Village members. We will also receive information on what other Marin Villages are doing so we will be fully in the Marin Villages loop.


You're only a phone call away (415-457-4633) from participating in any of the following:


1) Program Committee: This committee develops a rich menu of social, educational and training activities that are designed to keep Villagers engaged with others, informed and active.

2) Volunteer Committee: Volunteers are a central component of the successful Village. Neighborhood volunteers make the organization work and are vital to a Village's capacity to serve its members whether it be filling a request for transportation, dog walking, companionship, organizing a happy hour or lunch for members to get together. 

3) Membership Committee: Recruiting members and then making sure that the new Villager is feeling welcome and part of the Village are key functions of this committee. Since many are not comfortable asking for services, a committee member will meet with every new Villager to assess whether their needs can and are being met through the Village.


4) Outreach Committee: This committee ensures that the business', non-profits, fraternal and civic organizations and the broader community are aware of the Twin Cities Village (TCV) and are invested in our success.


5) Communications: Effective communications with our Village community and the community at large is essential for us to be successful. Newsletters, pamphlets, blurbs on social media sites, and articles in the newspaper are all part of the equation for our success.


6) Chairs/Co-Coordinators: Any successful group such as the Twin Cities Village must have effective leadership to guide, provide organizational oversight, assess issues and conditions, and direct its activities.  We are looking for individuals to serve this important leadership function for the TCV.